Best E-signature APIs

Best E-signature APIs

You may not even realize it, but you likely use various APIs daily. APIs are not only becoming more popular in the tech industry, but developers are also using them more frequently now. In case you didn’t know, popular applications like Facebook, Gmail, PayPal, Twitter, and others use APIs to enable various functions.

With electronic signature software becoming a standard tool for businesses to automate the signing process, it has become extremely important that eSign procedures support and enhance workflows. Here, the use of APIs such as Foxit eSign becomes essential.

So how are APIs used for electronic signatures, and what are their key benefits? Let’s look for answers in this article. 

What is API?

API stands for Application Programming Interface, which provides communication and contract between various software products and services. Developers use a set of programming codes to transmit data and interact with other software resources electronically. 

In the context of APIs, the term Application refers to any software that performs a specific function. An interface can be viewed as a service contract between two applications. APIs contribute greatly to the quality of users’ experiences in business operations. APIs manage the data needed to give solutions to any customer-related problems through the request the client makes via the Rest API. 

How Does API Work?

Clients and servers are terms commonly used in API architecture. An application that sends a request is called a client, and an application that responds is called a server. 

For example, the weather bureau’s software system contains daily weather data (server), and your phone’s weather app “talks” to this system via APIs and displays daily weather updates (client).  

To effectively do that, API endpoints play a vital role since they are the location from which APIs (the code that communicates two software systems) can send requests, access the resources they need, and receive a response. 

How eSignature API Integration Works?

Business transactions and agreements that were once made legal through signing physically-delivered contracts are now replaced by a mechanism of electronically signing using esignature APIs. Electronic signature software helps users sign documents efficiently, safely, and legally without the risk of fraud and document tampering, which significantly provides a better user experience.

Feature-Rich Digital Signature API

Documents are prone to tampering by malicious parties; to ensure this does not occur, Esignature API authenticates important business documents with an API key aside from making signature requests directly accessible from your web applications. In just minutes, you can integrate eSignatures into your own applications so that data and document signing are delivered securely.

An encryption algorithm is used to create a unique digital fingerprint or a hash in a document—and altering it will completely change the hash. The API key is essential in the signing process through the generation of digital signatures since it proves that a document was not modified. When the hash is generated and encrypted by the signer’s private key, the encrypted hash and the public key are combined to create a digital signature, which decrypts the data so the servers can verify any site-generating requests are authorized to be made.

Securely Manage Digital Documents

Digital signatures are the new and advanced alternative to signing documents instead of pen and paper. The validity, authenticity, and integrity of electronic messages and documents are given paramount value, and the contents of messages are guaranteed unaltered during transit. Forgery and information tampering will thus no longer be a problem.

A digital signature is indeed beneficial when handling the bustle of the business, and all signed documents with e-signature API are legally binding and, therefore, acceptable in a court of law. Highly secured document signing with digital signature API allows you to add electronic signing capabilities to web applications and business processes.

Our Top Picks for Best E-signature APIs 

Digital signatures provide highly-relevant additional information, such as the message’s origin, status, and consent by the signer. That’s why the system handles notifications once integrated via the API, and the audit trail logs everything, including the signer’s activities and workflow updates. In this regard, choosing the best digital signature API is crucial. 

Below are some of the best E-signature APIs for your business needs:

Hellosign API

hellosign logo

Sharing signed documents and templates has been easier with their accessible cloud, which is why it is best for solo business owners and freelancers for their unique needs.

DocuSign API

DocuSign Logo

It is best for businesses with many necessary contracts since it allows users to request signatures, sign contracts, get updates securely, and download completed documents.

Pandadoc API

A faster electronic signature boosts users’ productivity. PandaDoc’s user-friendly interface facilitates a better experience for clients.

SignNow API

signnow logo

SignNow’s eSignature API empowers users to complete entire document lifecycles quickly. With signNow, you can quickly send documents for signature, request payments, create reusable templates with fillable fields, and monitor the status of documents in real-time.

Zohosign API

zoho sign logo

Its extensive feature makes complex signing workflow easier and lets users facilitate digital documents while electronically signing them. 

Wrapping Up

Electronic signature software has remarkably improved productivity across various organizations and departments, especially when a physical meeting is impossible. The usefulness of digital signatures has come in handy to satisfy different data intentions, such as to accept or decline, amend or approve, or achieve any course of action. Integrate signature APIs into your business operations to avoid the traditional paper-based, time-consuming signing process because with it, you can do the signing process can on the spot!

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