Best electronic signature software in the UK


Wide range of use cases

Easy to use

Can generate high-quality content at scale

€ 0

per month

OneSpan Sign

Lets you sign documents with your finger

Use it on your phone or tablet

Sign any document anytime

256-bit encryption

Several security features

€ 20.40

per month / per user


A simple way to create forms and surveys

Easy to use

Wide range of templates you can customize to suit your needs

Easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface

€ 0

per month / per user


Service van Visma


Abonnement + prijs per handtekening

Betaal met credits

€ 49.99

per month / per user

Adobe Acrobat Sign

Mobile compatible


Cloud storage

Only authorized people can see your data

€ 26.85

per month / per user

E-Signature software helps you manage and track the exchange of legally sensitive documents. By uploading and digitally signing documents, such as contracts and employment paperwork, your records are updated as e-signature data is collected. 

Organizational leaders use e-signature software to ensure a streamlined electronic document exchange process that guarantees the legitimacy and legal implications of signatures made through e-signature software. Built-in security standards and compliance with local and federal laws ensure the entire process is legal and legitimate, adding protection for organizations at every level.

Are Electronic Signatures Accepted in the UK?

Electronic signatures are legal, admissible, and enforceable in a court of law in the United Kingdom. Article 25 of UK eIDAS (or electronic identification and trust services) states that an electronic signature cannot be denied legal validity solely because it is electronic. Case law and rules governing electronic signatures are generally consistent throughout the United Kingdom, which takes a permissive stance on electronic records and signatures.

Generally, there are three different types of electronic signatures:

  1. Simple Electronic Signatures include scanned signatures and tickbox plus declarations.
  2. Advanced Electronic Signatures – these are uniquely linked to the signatory, are capable of identifying the signatory, and are linked to data within the signature that can detect any changes made.
  3. Qualified Electronic Signatures – an advanced electronic signature generated by a qualified electronic signature creation device and based on a qualified electronic signature certificate.

5 Best Esign Software Solutions in the UK

Need a digital signature software app? Listed below are five of the best electronic signature software you could use for all your business transactions and other necessary paperwork in the UK. Find out how each works and how you can use them to manage contracts and signatures easily.


JotForm is a fully customizable form builder which allows you to collect data from your website visitors and/or mobile users. You can customize the look and feel of your forms and their fields (e.g., text, checkboxes, radio buttons, etc.). Customers can create an unlimited number of forms and share them with others to collect real-time data. With JotForm, you can also measure your audience’s response by allowing respondents to comment on the submission page or embedding their email addresses in the submitted responses. 

2. Adobe Acrobat Sign

Adobe Acrobat Sign is the only digital signature solution built to transform end-to-end digital document journeys, combining simple, secure e-signatures with the power of Adobe Acrobat. Now you can create, sign, send for signature, manage, and track documents from one Adobe platform. With the power of Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft, Acrobat Sign seamlessly integrates with your favorite Microsoft apps to create, sign, send for signature, manage, and track documents – all from one Adobe platform. Now you can combine simple e-signatures with the power of Adobe Acrobat to transform end-to-end digital document journeys.

3. OneSpan Sign

OneSpan Sign provides comprehensive, high-quality digital signature solutions, including electronic signature capture and on-premises archive solutions. It is designed to meet the needs of regulated financial institutions and is integrated with multiple core banking systems. The solution offers a scalable platform to support the growth of the organization and an intuitive user interface that enables users to focus on their jobs. At the same time, it helps them be more productive by automating any process – from simple internal signing workflows to complex customer-facing transactions.

OneSpan solutions help banks, governments, telecom providers, and other businesses to make customers their most important asset. Our solutions provide a scalable platform to support an organization’s digital transformation strategy across the enterprise – today and tomorrow.

4. Lightico

Lightico is the leading in-call document signing and sharing solution, allowing customers to exchange documents, photos, and videos while speaking with sales and service teams on the phone. Lightico helps sales representatives close sales by visualizing sales conversations and allowing reps to capture contract signatures. It also helps customer service agents resolve issues on first contact by allowing agents to see the issue rather than managing it offline.

5. PandaDoc

PandaDoc’s modern, cloud-based document automation software gives sales teams everything they need to create and manage documents that keep deals moving fast. Integrate your CRM and payment apps into a single workflow and generate proposals, quotes, and contracts in minutes—all while saving time, money, and resources. Over 18,000 customers use PandaDoc to simplify large and small processes across their entire organization; see how our customers are improving efficiency at 

Wrapping Up

Electronic signatures are only as safe as the business processes and technology that generate them. High-value transactions require higher-quality electronic signatures, but these signatures must be more securely linked to the owner to provide the level of assurance required and ensure trust in the underlying system.

So, by using any of the Esign software solutions mentioned above, you can be confident that your documents will not be altered in any way, that the sender will be easily identified, and that the document will be secure.