Best Electronic Signature Software in Australia


Its system is compatible with windows, android, iOS, and the web

It has a free edition

FedRAMP, BAA, HIPAA, 21 CFR Part 11, and an eNotary back up the security

€ 0

per month / per user


Its system is compatible with windows and mac

30-day free trial

It features unlimited signing, sending, and tracking agreements

Track client reminders

It integrates Microsoft, Salesforce, and Workday.

€ 15.30

per month / per user

Adobe Acrobat Sign

Mobile compatible


Cloud storage

Take your document on the go

Automated eSignature tracking

It has built-in security

€ 26.85

per month/ per user

DocuSign Logo


Service van Visma


Abonnement + prijs per handtekening

Betaal met credits

Promotes paperless transactions

customized branding and collect payments

€ 25.49

Per month


Its system is compatible with ios, windows, android, and the web

Free 7-day trial

Integrates Salesforce, google drive, Microsoft teams, and Microsoft office

Encrypted cloud storage

€ 8.16

per month/ per user

Since most businesses are now digitally based, it’s only natural to move documentation to digital formats as well. This is especially the case for businesses working with other foreign companies. 

Today, daily transactions can be easily accessed and completed through various apps and software available. Since legal and other confidential documents are exchanged through e-mails, upgrading security measures is essential to combat fraud and other illegal online activities.

Best Electronic Signature Software in Australia

The use of e-signature software tools is increasing year after year, as many countries, large corporations, and organizations have widely adopted it.

The following are the top 5 best electronic signature software solutions in Australia. Also included is a brief overview of each app, including their features and subscription plans, so you can weigh your options better and choose the one that suits you best!

1. PandaDoc

Used by over 30,000 companies, PandaDoc features 450 additional templates with the traditional e-signature. It can be accessed through MS Word or the mobile app for completing or editing documents. PandaDoc’s all-inclusive features help speed up paperwork and documentation, reporting that this e-signing software has saved workers 12 hours per week, with a 65% reduction in document creation time and a 28% increase in closing rates.

2. HelloSign 

As one of the most user-friendly apps, HelloSign allows users to sign even without an account. It supports simplification of work, and parties involved will receive the documents once signed by all and enable re-using templates and forms. This e-signing software integrates Dropbox, Slack, Salesforce, Microsoft, and OneDrive.

3. Adobe Acrobat Pro/ Adobe Sign 

Known to be very much helpful to both big businesses and personal circles in the aspect of document signing and creating paper works. With over 300,000 clients, including the big names of Microsoft, Tesla, Groupon, and HSBC, it demonstrates a high level of efficiency and security.

4. DocuSign

This software’s unique feature is that documents are sent and received in envelopes. DocuSign offers unlimited signing and also allows the expansion of cloud storage in their free edition. However, the number of envelopes that can be used varies depending on your chosen plan. 


SignNow has so much to offer! The software has over 100 features that beginners and large businesses can use without downloading anything. It offers document signing, agreement creation, contract negotiation, demo templates, permission-based roles, document merging, and private cloud eSignature management. It gives so much management and organization since it offers tracking and storage, monitoring business workflows while you process payments.

Why E-Signature Matters Today

The affixed signatures of the parties involved are one of the most essential parts of a document to be considered authentic and legally binding. Electronic signature software is thus used for convenience and additional security and protection to ensure legitimate digital signing. It also helps track and manage the entirety of the transaction or process.

With electronic signature software, contracts and documents can be executed seamlessly, and they are automatically considered legal, just as stamped seals and handwritten signatures are. It guarantees efficiency and the best security since it tracks people’s identities and contains many layers of security associated with electronic signatures that make it difficult to be tampered with. 

Laws Recognizing Electronic Signature Software in Australia 

  1. Electronic Transactions Act 1999 (Cth) (ETA) applies to transactions governed by Commonwealth laws;
  2. Electronic Transactions Regulations 2000 sets out which transactions and Commonwealth laws are exempt from all or part of the ETA; and
  3. Corresponding ETAs and regulations in each state and territory:
  • Electronic Transactions Act 2000 (NSW)
  • Electronic Transactions (Victoria) Act 2000
  • Electronic Transactions (Queensland) Act 2001
  • Electronic Communications Act 2020 (SA)
  • Electronic Transactions Act 2011 (WA)
  • Electronic Transactions Act 2001 (ACT)
  • Electronic Transactions (Northern Territory) Act 2011
  • Electronic Transactions Act 2000 (TAS)

While Australian law generally recognizes that electronic signatures are valid for most contracts, there are three major exceptions: deeds, company signing, and witnesses. Some jurisdictions, including Victoria, have temporarily permitted the electronic signing of deeds and audio-visual witnessing because of COVID-19 (e.g., NSW). Until April 2022, businesses can also execute documents temporarily electronically.

Key Take Aways

While it is possible to forge a handwritten signature, it is practically impossible to forge a digital one. Indeed, electronic signatures are safer than handwritten ones. If you are selecting e-signature software for work, business, or personal transactions, you should always consider the features that will be most useful for you.