Best electronic signature software in Canada


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Electronic signatures are legally binding in Canada as they are in other countries. In Canada, a person may be bound to a transaction that is established by an electronic signature on the terms of the contract where they have chosen to acknowledge its use and have been allowed to review it before signing.

Moreover, PIPEDA, or the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act, provides the legal framework governing electronic signatures. The Uniform Electronic ‎Commerce Act of Canada (UECA) makes them valid at the provincial level in all provinces except Quebec, where the law (CQLR c C1.1) recognizes e-signatures as “having the same legal weight as their paper equivalent.”

As a Canadian business, you must understand the legal requirements of signatures and clearly understand whether you can consent via digital means. This section will outline the various aspects of electronic signatures and your rights as a Canadian consumer and/or business to receive e-signatures in Canada.

Top 5 Best Design Software Solutions in Canada

1. FileInvite

FileInvite is an online system that simplifies the process of collecting client information. It is a secure software tool that allows companies to request documents, signatures, files, and data from their clients in a fast and organized way. All you have to do is set a due date and send your request to your client’s email address. 

Your client then receives an email with a link to their own secure client portal, where they are guided through an intuitive portal experience to sign or capture the document requested by your team. Email back-and-forth and manual filing methods are no longer necessary. With FileInvite, you’ll save hours each week while providing clients with a streamlined and convenient experience. 

Moreover, FileInvite tracks each of your clients’ files and sends them reminders as their due dates approach. You can customize messages and frequency, whether to send emails or texts and even handle re-submitting revised files! The returned files are renamed according to naming conventions, converted to PDF, and synced with cloud storage solutions.

2. PandaDoc

PandaDoc is the leading digital signature platform that makes it easy for your customers to sign sales contracts, NDAs, and other important documents. With PandaDoc, you can create professional-looking documents, request electronic signatures, and track them every step of the way.

When it comes to building documents, PandaDoc is a huge help. With a drag-and-drop builder, you can quickly create web-based documents without necessarily being a pro at coding and designing. Indeed, your team members will have no trouble using the interface. Get started with 450+ templates designed by PandaDoc’s team of developers and designers–or use your own. 

With PandaDoc’s secure, easy-to-use document builder, you can create, edit and send cloud-based documents with push technology. That means your clients will get contract proposals, quotes, and invoices right in time for decision-making.

Last-minute changes, missed deadlines, and lost contracts are now a thing of the past. PandaDoc makes your life easier by helping you collect feedback, get signoffs, and track changes seamlessly!

3. Smallpdf

Smallpdf is an award-winning PDF software that offers a suite of clever document management tools for everyone—for work, for home, and for life. Founded in 2013 by a team of creatives and engineers from Switzerland and the Bay Area, Smallpdf provides a simple, secure, and reliable answer to heavy, awkward PDF software. By removing unnecessary features and focusing deeply on user experience, Smallpdf has easily helped millions of users worldwide keep track of important documents.

Smallpdf is a one-stop solution for small business owners and personal users who need to manage their documents. Whether you need to protect, edit, or sign PDF files, Smallpdf has the tools you’re looking for. It integrates seamlessly with professional and personal tasks, boosting productivity and simplifying how people manage their documents, with tools to compress, convert, edit, sign, protect, and unlock PDF documents in just a few easy steps. 

The software is lightweight, lightning-fast, easy to use, and easy to install, so no technical expertise is necessary. This is the tool you need if you manage a large number of PDF documents and need an advanced tool for them.

4. Contractbook

Contractbook was founded for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small businesses in Copenhagen in 2017. It helps you manage your entire freelance workflow and automates the most crucial tasks. It can connect automatically to over 3000 apps and allows you to create a workflow worthy of the 21st century.  

With Contractbook’s end-to-end contract management platform, you can manage your contracts throughout the entire lifecycle in a single streamlined flow. Automate every step with data-driven document automation to save time, avoid errors and join a smarter future.

Contractbook allows you to quickly and easily create professional contracts and documents. With this software solution, you can combine beautifully designed templates with your own content, sign them with a digital signature, organize them in the cloud, execute them directly on the platform, and export them (as PDF or Word documents) to other partners and third parties.

5. is a global company with extensive experience in payment, e-commerce, and marketing. This platform offers a suite of services for all channels, including payment processing, identity verification, e-signatures, SMS marketing, and data analytics. offers local credit card options to key markets across the globe and an array of cross-channel marketing services – from push notifications to email personalization and from CRM to artificial intelligence – to help you get the most out of your audience segments.

Additionally, lets you reach out to your customers more effectively. They are building the world’s first Conversational Commerce platform, a technology that combines messaging with mobile payments to allow businesses to communicate in their customers’ favorite channels: WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat, or Google RCS.

Wrapping Up

E-signature software is a perfect tool for streamlining business paperwork, and incorporating it into the workflow simplifies document management and collaboration. However, because e-signature software is used for confidential documentation such as contracts, invoices, and other similar paperwork, you should consider some important factors when purchasing e-signature software. These include platform compatibility, integrations, legal support, and compliance requirements.

And so, if you are looking for the most popular brands offering e-signature software tools, the names we’ve compiled in this article are your best options.