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how to create a signature on mac

How to Sign A PDF on Mac

These days, people conducting business rarely bring paper documents with them. Instead, they would be carrying only their phones or laptops, which would be the […]

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verified signature

What is a Verified Electronic Signature

Electronic signatures have tremendously changed how we do business and manage our daily transactions. You no longer have to wait weeks for agreements to be […]

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electronic signature legality

Are Electronic Signatures Legal?

Concerns about document security, especially with regard to electronic signatures, are inevitable when transitioning from paper-based to digital workflows. When signing or having documents signed, […]

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s signature

What is an /S/ Signature?

The move to the digital era started with the movement of computational ability to solve issues like solving mathematics quickly and making word processes. Today, […]

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signature full name

Does Your Signature Have to Be Your Full Name?

Agreement toward a contract is typically indicated through the exchange of signatures. Traditionally, a signature consisted of a person’s handwritten full legal name. As time […]

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agreement vs contract

Agreement v Contract: What’s the Difference

Was there a time when you thought a contract had the same scope as an agreement and vice versa? If you do, we’re telling you […]

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what is an nda

How to Sign and Send NDA Online

When it comes to maintaining a competitive edge in the marketplace, it is significant for businesses to keep their current undertakings, fresh ideas, and exciting […]

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how to sign a secured pdf

What is a Secured PDF, and How Do You Sign One?

With the advent of online file transfers, PDFs are among the most frequently shared and transferred files among educational, corporate, and legal institutions. As you […]

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signature upload

How to Upload A Signature

Several documents require signatures for them to be legally binding, including contracts, letters of agreement, lease agreements, etc. But in this age of increasing contactless […]

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scanned signature

How to Scan a Signature

Are you tired of having to print out documents just to sign them? You may have a digital document that needs to be signed and […]

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